21 Jul


We all need to slow down sometimes. There is MASSIVE value in rest not only in recovery but daily life. BURNOUT ? is very real and often misunderstood. Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. It can occur when you have or are experiencing long term stress in your job/ life. As well […]

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02 Jan

New Clinic

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29 Dec


In rehab there are two elements

1️⃣Therapeutic modalities (surgery and manual therapy i.e massage, acupuncture)

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15 Sep

Boobs Vs Back Pain

How many have you stopped wearing a bra during the pandemic or do you think of the idea as being crazy??

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12 Jun


Patella tendon often referred to as jumpers knee ??‍♀️??‍♀️⛹?‍♂️

Symptoms of this injury can be very painful and cause discomfort in daily active lifestyle.

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07 May

Stress Management

Everyone gets stressed- whether that be over our loved ones not being ready on time for a date or the pressure at work weighing us down and getting “too much”.

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07 May

How many steps are enough?

Look at our info graphic which highlights the benefits of getting your steps in as well as how you can achieve this

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11 May

10 Tips to Maintan a Healthy Sleep Routine During The Quarantine by Shona Halson PHD

Consistent bed and wake times will help you to maintain a healthy sleep routine.
Open your windows and expose yourself to sunlight if possible.

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